A California native, Megan began costuming while still in high school. She found her influences came from folkloric costumes, classical art and painting, and nature—birds in particular.

Always seeking new inspiration to influence her craft, Megan has moved all across the U.S. and ventured through the depths of Europe in search of a mantra to define her style. After a few years of jumping from big cities to small towns in the Midwest and experiencing an eclectic array of requests and tastes, she came to realize that the style of her pieces should not be dictated solely by her, but rather, should be the result of a collaboration between her creative expertise and the voice provided by her clientele.

And so, Pioro Blue was born, and its mantra became “Be what you want to be.” Pioro Blue provides an outlet for creative expression and beauty, a place where you’ll find intricate, handmade headwear to match your personality, whether it’s bright and bold, reserved and sophisticated, or anywhere in between.
Megan weaves together each piece herself, creating unique wearable art that reveals her influences while still speaking volumes about those who adorn them.

Pioro Blue is not just a way to be seen. It’s a way to be heard.